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Welcome to Ponyville Plaza!

This is a community server formed around the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show, but besides that we also have a wide array of other areas we cover, such as video games, art, photos and (of course) memes.

We also have roleplay and a marketplace for artists to advertise their commissions. Our server started in July of 2018 and is one of the fast growing My Little Pony communities!

We are a very open and welcoming community, but please remember to abide by the rules.

Thank you and enjoy your time on the server!



  1. Racism, insults, personal attacks, spamming and any other disruptive activity is prohibited! This includes spoiler text made to look like offensive words, emojis, excessive caps and repetitive one word responses. Use reactions instead.
  2. Nonsensical and/or inappropriate messages with no relation to the current topic and excessive memes outside of the correct channel will result in staff action.
  3. NSFW and political art, memes and discussion, is forbidden.
  4. The word of a Staff member is FINAL.
    1. We reserve the right to remove any member who we feel create a negative experience for other members in the server.
  5. Do not overuse the @ commands unless absolutely necessary. The @everyone and @here commands are disabled for regular users.
  6. No advertising other servers both in server and DM!
  7. All posts must abide by Discord's Terms of Service and Guidelines!
  8. This is an English only server, therefore all conversations must take place in English unless translations are provided.
  9. Whilst swearing is allowed, please do try to keep it to a minimum.
  10. Conversations about harming yourself or others is off-limits in the regular channels! If you feel the need to talk to somebody about your current mental state or situation, feel free to chat with people in #venting-and-support or DM somebody you know and/or trust.

Roleplay Rules

  • No unsolicited RP. Please abstain from randomly engaging into RP, be it in the server or in DMs of server members. Make sure to always ask before you start RPing.
  • Try and keep excessive RP out of the general chats. A snuggle or two or emoting is fine, but no full-blown RP.
  • If you have any problems within the RP rooms please call a mod listed in #meet-the-team.

If you have read and agree with these rules, please type into the #verification channel. Welcome to the server!

If you want to access the marketplace in order to sell commissions and other fandom-related items, you must ask a member of staff to get the corresponding roles.

In general we run a 3 strike system however punishment will be decided on a case by case basis.



All our roles can be obtained via the #role-list by yourself with the exception of a few. Here is a short list of some of our more important roles and what they do and if applicable how you obtain them.

  • @Roleplayer This role will give you access to all the roleplay rooms available on the server. Can be obtained in the #role-list.
  • @Generosity This role gives you the ability to post in the #sfw-marketplace to advertise your commission or other fandom related services. To obtain this role ask a member of staff and you will have to go through a quick verification process, this is usually a note on deviantart or another site to show you are who you say you are.

Level Roles

  • @Loyalty The most loyal and active members achieved at level 30. With this role you get a custom role and colour of your choosing.
  • @Pony Achieved at level 20. Access to more coloured roles, feel free to suggest more based on Ponies from the show.
  • @Background Pony Achieved at level 10. Gives you access to a coloured Role based on the Mane 6 + Spike.


Try to keep discussions relevant to the current channel and avoid interrupting others when they are conversing. To avoid confusion and interruption, if there are multiple conversations happening at the same time in the #general chat, please consider moving to the topic specific channels or the #general-2 chat. When posting links or images keep them relevant to the current channel or conversation.

  • #general General Chat, chat about anything that doesnt fit in other rooms SFW only. No roleplay, episode chat in spoilers and chat room. No links here unless relevant, send your images or links in the relevant channel.
  • #sfw-memes The danker the better.
  • #venting and support Express yourself and find members to talk with.
  • #mlp-chat-and-spoiler Talk about that thing that we all like.


  • Interests and Hobbies Video games, stories/comics/fanfictions, music, tech, food and cooking or any specific hobby you want to share.
  • Creative Corner Any kind of art including ponies, member made art, stories/comics/fanfics or photos.
  • Roleplay Post your OC bio, for SFW roleplay and casual roleplay.
  • Marketplace Advertise your art and connect with people.


  • @Elements Of Harmony: These staff members are of the highest form of authority, and some of the most experienced members within the staff team. These members are in charge of official server business and administration.
  • @Captains of the Guard: Longer serving staff members who have proven they’re dedicated, as well as qualified, to become head mods, and have been given more responsibility within the server. Some of these responsibilities include: Making sure the server, rules and channel permissions are efficient and up to date and the handling of cases brought to them by other staff and/or members.
  • @Town Guards: Members who have shown to be active enough and have the required skills to be accepted as part of our staff team as mods. The main responsibility of a Town Guard is to make sure that all users have a positive server experience. This can be through either the removal of rule breaking content/members or by just being a friendly face to talk to.
  • @Trainee Town Guards: These are our newest staff members who we feel may have the required attributes, this is a trial role and not all who gain this role are guarenteed to be elevated to Town Guard. Their job is the same as a regular Town Guard however they have reduced moderation powers.
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